HILL Universal – 15W-40

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HILL Universal – 15W-40
HILL Universal SAE 15W-40 is an all-season mineral engine oil for forced naturally aspirated gasoline engines of passenger cars, minibuses and light trucks. It has excellent antifriction properties, protects against wear and corrosion, reduces soot and carbon formation, and ensures reliable lubrication and cleanliness of the engine under conditions of increased loads and ambient temperatures. API SG/CD.
Typical characteristics
Typical characteristics
Линейка продукции
Вязкость по SAE
Тип основы
Тип масла специального назначения
Тип двигателя
четырехтактный бензиновый двигатель
Вязкость кинематическая при 100°С, мм2
Вязкость кинематическая при 40°С, мм2
Индекс вязкости
Температура застывания, °С
Температура вспышки, определяемая в открытом тигле, °С
Щелочное число, мг КОН на 1 г масла
Плотность при 20°С, кг/м3
Испытания на пенообразование, ASTM D 892, этап 1, склонность/ стабильность, мл/мл
Сульфатная зола

HILL Universal SAE 15W-40 is a high-quality all-season mineral engine oil developed for use in forced naturally aspirated gasoline engines of passenger cars, minibuses and light trucks that meet Euro I environmental requirements. The oil ensures optimal oil supply to engine parts and stabilizes oil pressure, especially in engines with high mileage.

Advantages of 15W-40 Mineral Engine Oil:

  • Reduction of oil consumption: It has a low tendency to evaporation, which reduces oil consumption during engine operation. This is important to ensure cost-effectiveness of use and reduce the cost of oil change.
  • Optimal oil supply: The oil has excellent fluidity at low temperatures, which ensures easy engine start and reliable oil supply to all its parts in the first seconds of operation. This is especially important during cold periods, when engine oil can thicken and make lubrication difficult.
  • Oil pressure stabilization: It has properties that allow you to stabilize the oil pressure in engines with significant mileage. This helps to maintain optimal lubrication and engine protection even under conditions of increased load and high ambient temperatures.
  • Excellent anti-friction properties: The oil has a high degree of lubrication, which significantly reduces friction and engine wear. This helps to increase the service life of the engine and increase its efficiency.
  • Enhanced anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant and anti-foam properties: It contains special additives that provide effective protection against corrosion, oxidation and foam formation. This helps to maintain the cleanliness and operability of the engine, as well as prevents damage to its parts.

Scope of application:

Mineral engine oil 15W-40 is recommended for use in forced naturally aspirated gasoline engines of passenger cars, minibuses and light trucks that meet the environmental requirements of Euro I. The oil is ideal for vehicles operating in various climatic conditions and under high loads, such as urban and highway operating conditions. Due to its characteristics, it provides reliable lubrication and protection of the engine, as well as helps to improve its performance and extend its service life.

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