Industrial oils

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HILL Corporation is one of the leaders in the industrial sector of the republic due to its 60% share in the oil market. It offers a rich range of products that are widely used in industry.

  • Fastroil Industrial Oils: Fastroil industrial oils have high stability at high temperatures and excellent oxidative stability, which provides effective corrosion protection. They offer high performance and equipment uptime, and minimize wear and friction, increasing system efficiency.

  • Fastroil hydraulic oils: Fastroil hydraulic oils have excellent hydrolytic stability, which ensures reliable operation of hydraulic systems under a variety of operating conditions. They provide high protection against wear and corrosion, and also effectively manage heat, preventing the system from overheating.

  • Fastroil Industrial Unalloyed Oils: Fastroil Industrial Unalloyed Oils are distinguished by their ability to provide effective lubrication without the need for special additives. They offer high thermal stability, oxidation resistance and excellent anti-corrosion properties.

  • Fastroil compressor oils: Fastroil compressor oils provide reliable lubrication and protection in various types of compressors. They are highly resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation, which ensures efficient cooling and extends the life of compressors.

  • Fastroil Slide Guide Oils: Fastroil Slide Guide Oils offer high foam resistance, anti-corrosion properties and excellent antistatic properties. They are designed for use in systems where precision, reliability and minimal friction between guides are required.

  • Fastroil Specialty Oils: Fastroil offers specialty oils designed to meet specific requirements and operating conditions. These may include oils for high and low temperatures, high pressure, as well as oils with special properties such as anti-friction, viscosity. These oils provide optimal performance and protection under specific operating conditions.

  • Fastroil Gear Oils: Fastroil gear oils offer excellent corrosion protection, oxidation stability and low friction. They provide effective lubrication and durability of gearboxes under high loads and various operating temperatures.

  • Fastroil Transformer Oils: Fastroil transformer oils provide effective electrical insulation and cooling in transformers. They have high oxidation resistance, anti-corrosion properties and low foam. These oils ensure reliability and durability of transformer systems.

  • Fastroil Turbine Oils: Fastroil turbine oils offer high resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, excellent protection against wear and corrosion. They provide efficient lubrication and cooling of turbines, keeping them running at high levels of performance and duration.

  • Fastroil circulating oils: Fastroil circulating oils have high resistance to foaming, excellent corrosion protection and effective friction reduction. They are designed for systems where oil circulates for lubrication and cooling, ensuring efficient system operation under a variety of operating conditions.

   Products of the industrial group may differ in composition, quality, as well as functions performed - friction reduction, use as a dielectric, use for pressure transmission, thermal energy transfer, corrosion protection and many others.

HILL Corporation has over 100 OEM approvals and approvals for its products, demonstrating high quality and reliability. Thanks to the wide range and high quality of its oils, HILL Corporation remains the leader in the industrial oils market in the republic and continues to develop and strengthen its position in the market.