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Fastroil motor oils - Formula series

   A specially developed line of Fastroil Formula oils is intended for passenger vehicles, including passenger cars, city SUVs and minibuses. The products in this series are formulated using original formulations and proven Big Five additives to provide exceptional engine protection and high performance even in difficult operating conditions such as large seasonal temperature changes or low-quality fuels.

Features and Benefits:

  • Formula series oils have passed all the necessary tests and comply with international quality standards such as API and ACEA.

  • Fastroil Formula motor oils provide unsurpassed engine protection, high reliability and effective efficiency thanks to advanced molecular technologies.

  • These oils were developed by a team of HILL Corporation technical specialists and are specially adapted for difficult local operating conditions.

 HILL motor oil

   Developed to optimize the performance of passenger vehicle engines, they are highly regarded for their excellent wear protection. This is achieved through the use of latest generation base oils and additives that meet international quality standards.

Main advantages and features of HILL motor oils:

  • Excellent protection: HILL oils provide ideal lubrication of engine components, preventing their premature wear, thereby increasing engine life.

  • Stable viscosity properties: HILL oils maintain their viscosity at different temperatures. During cold weather, they remain liquid enough to quickly reach critical engine parts during startup. In hot weather, they do not lose their properties and prevent “fluidity,” providing effective protection even under intense loads.

  • Versatility: The HILL range includes oils for both gasoline and diesel engines, ideal for all conditions and temperature conditions - from severe winter frosts (down to -40°C) to high summer temperatures.