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Fastroil turbine oils

Fastroil turbine oils are high quality lubricants designed specifically for use in a variety of applications including central lubrication systems for steam and gas turbines, sealing and control systems as hydraulic fluids and sealing media, and in turbochargers where high performance lubricants are required.

The main benefits of Fastroil turbine oils include:

  • High thermal stability: Fastroil oils have high thermal stability, which allows them to maintain their lubricating properties at elevated temperatures typical of turbine systems. This guarantees reliable protection against wear and possible damage

  • Excellent oxidation stability properties: Fastroil has high oxidation stability, which allows them to maintain their lubricating properties longer when operating in high temperature conditions. This is important to ensure long turbine life and ensure continuous and efficient operation of the systems.

  • Excellent anti-oxidation properties: Fastroil oils contain special additives that prevent the formation of deposits and deposits on the surfaces of turbines and compressors. This helps maintain high system efficiency and reduce the risk of malfunctions.

  • Stability under high load conditions: Fastroil turbine oils have a high viscosity index, which ensures effective lubrication of turbine and compressor parts even under high loads. This helps reduce friction and wear and improves the energy efficiency of the system.

  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties: Fastroil is highly resistant to corrosion, which helps prevent damage to metal surfaces with which lubricated parts come into contact. This is especially important in conditions of high humidity or in the presence of aggressive chemical environments.

  • High degree of purification: Fastroil oils contain additives that provide a high degree of purification from contaminants formed during operation. This helps keep the system clean and prevents deposits from forming, which in turn reduces the risk of breakdowns and ensures longer equipment life.

   Fastroil turbine oils are advanced lubricants developed using advanced technology and innovative formulas. They are characterized by high performance characteristics, providing reliable protection and efficient operation of steam and gas turbines, as well as other systems operating in harsh conditions. When using Fastroil turbine oils, you can expect extended equipment life, reduced operating costs and increased process productivity.