Fastroil М-10Г2к

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Fastroil М-10Г2к
Fastroil M-10G2k is an engine oil that is intended for winter use in automotive and tractor diesel engines without supercharging or with low boost. It has a high level of neutralizing and detergent-dispersing properties that ensure the cleanliness of engine parts. This oil prevents the formation of carbon deposits and protects the parts from corrosion. It has good thermal stability and anti-wear properties, which allows it to be used in more harsh conditions. Fastroil M-10G2k is recommended for modern cars, high-speed stationary diesels and diesel generators.
Typical characteristics
Typical characteristics
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Тип масла специального назначения
Тип двигателя
дизельный двигатель
Вязкость кинематическая при 100°С, мм2
Вязкость кинематическая при 40°С, мм2
Индекс вязкости
Температура застывания, °С
Температура вспышки, определяемая в открытом тигле, °С
Щелочное число, мг КОН на 1 г масла
Плотность при 20°С, кг/м3
Сульфатная зола
All specifications (data sheet)
   Fastroil M-10G2k is a motor oil that is produced by mixing distillate and residual components obtained from sulfur and low-sulfur oils. It contains effective additive compositions, which can significantly extend oil change intervals. Fastroil M-10G2k has a high degree of alloying, which allows its use in more severe conditions where high thermal stability is required, as well as improved antioxidant, detergent-dispersant, neutralizing and anti-wear properties.

The main advantages of Fastoil M-10G2k:
  • Neutralizing and detergent-dispersing properties: The oil has a high level of neutralizing and detergent-dispersing properties, which guarantees the cleanliness of engine parts.It helps prevent the formation of deposits and carbon deposits and effectively cleans engine parts to ensure optimal engine performance.
  • Corrosion protection: Fastroil M-10G2k has a high level of corrosion protection, which helps prevent damage to engine parts due to exposure to moisture or other corrosive environments.
  • Thermal Stability: The oil has good thermal stability, which means it is able to maintain its properties and effectiveness at high temperatures. This is especially important for engines operating under heavy load conditions or high ambient temperatures.
  • Anti-wear properties: Fastroil M-10G2k has excellent anti-wear properties, which protects the engine from wear and prolongs its service life. This is especially important for modern cars and high-speed stationary diesel engines, where reliable engine protection is required under high load conditions.
Scope of application of Fastroil M-10G2k

   Fastroil M-10G2k is recommended for use in automobile and tractor diesel engines without supercharging or with low supercharging. It is ideal for modern cars, as well as high-speed stationary diesel engines and diesel generators. The oil ensures reliable engine operation and protection of its parts when operating in various conditions.

Compliance standards:

   Fastroil M-10G2k complies with GOST 8581-78, which guarantees its quality and compliance with industry standards.
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